Full Face Snorkelling Masks

Full Face Snorkelling Masks have been becoming more popular over recent years and offer a quick and relatively simple way to get snorkelling.

As traditionalists we prefer a good old fashioned Mask & Snorkel set, but we understand this doesn't suit everyone so we do stock Full Face Snorkelling Masks. The most important thing with these Masks is to understand the importance of quality and fit. To be effective a Full Face Snorkelling Mask must fit and seal well around your face otherwise it can leak and fill with water, which can be disconcerting and dangerous as the Mask seals both your mouth and nose! Therefore quality materials and design are critical, you "Get What You Pay For"

The second, more technical potential issue is buidl up of Carbon Dioxide. The leading brands like Cressi, Seac, Mares, Ocean Reef have spent years developing and testing their Mask's to ensure that exhaled air can easily leave the mask so the Snorkeller is breathing clean fresh air all the time. Again avoid cheap copies as there is no guarentee they have done the viogorous tests needed to ensure your safety!


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