Scubapro Synergy 2 TruFit Single Lens Dive Mask - All Colours

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The Scubapro Synergy 2 TruFit Mask is a single lens mask in the Scubapro TruFit family. Synergy 2 uses Scubapro's new TruFit double skirt technology which implements varying silicone thickness and strength to offer improved fit, comfort and seal. The Synergy 2 is often described as the best fitting dive mask around and is very popular with all divers and now comes with a Scubapro COmfort Strap as standard.

Scubapro Synergy 2 TruFit Single Lens Dive Mask - All Colours

Scubapro Synergy 2 TruFit Single Lens Dive Mask, now with the Scubapro Comfort strap as standard. The Synergy 2 mask is often called "The most comfortable dive mask on the market" down to its low volume and the superb seal and fit due to the Scubapro TruFit technology which allows the skirt to form around the wearers face. The Synergy 2 mask is also fitted with Scubapro's Ultraclear lenes which, very simply allow better light penetration of the mask.

The Scubapro Synergy 2 is a single lens mask with a low volume, low profile. Scubapro have used Minimal Frame construction to reduce the overall size, profile and weight of the mask. The remaining thin frame is finished in a variety of two tone colours. The single lens uses the familiar reverse tear drop shape to ensure a wide horizontal field of view and increased lower vertical visibility. The frame and lens is raked in at the bottom to move the lower frame out of visibility and allowing better sight of equipment when looking downwards!

The Scubapro Synergy 2 Trufit Technology design incorporates not one but two separate silicone skirts - a thin, soft inner skirt for fit and comfort, and a thicker outer skirt to provide support near the mask frame. This innovative dual skirt design sets it apart from the original Syngery, and has proven to provide an entirely new level of comfort during extended periods under water while ensuring a reliable watertight seal on virtually all face shapes. 

Scubapro Synergy 2 Mask - Features

  • Main skirt offers a thin and soft silicone material for the best possible fit, seal and comfort against the skin.
  • The Truefit technology that helps the mask to fit perfeclty to divers face can be recognised by its unique ribbing texture.
  • Outer skirt, made with firmer silicone, provides support and rigidity where needed.
  • Rotating buckles work with a micro-adjustable strap to achieve a comfortable, watertight fit.
  • Buckle tabs are flexible, enabling the mask to be folded flat for traveling.
  • Scubapro Synergy 2 has Ultra clear glass provides a bright and clear view of the underwater world.
  • Comes with comfort strap.

What Is Scubapro Trufit Mask Technology?

The Scubapro Trufit ultra-soft skirt has been technically developed by Scubapro to not only fit any and every face shape, but also incorporates a unique rigidity allowing perfect seal and comfort. Rather than consisting of two separate materials, the NEW Scubapro Trufit skirt has been achieved using two different thicknesses of the same high quality silicone in one skirt, assuring total comfort and sophisticated simplicity.

  • The silicone is thicker and firmer, with a matte finish near the mask frame, providing the required support and rigidity.
  • The silicone contouring the face is thinner, giving a softer feeling, for a truly unique fit and seal.
  • Trufit Technology can be identified by its unique ribbing texture.

As with all SCUBAPRO products the Trufit skirt has been tested by demanding divers and improved upon before ever hitting the market. The Synergy Twin and Synergy 2 mask is constructed using a NEW generation Trufit skirt, although first generation Trufit with unique ribbing and softness can be found on certain Spectra and Volta models. Try a Trufit mask, and feel the difference. Only SCUBAPRO has Trufit Technology. It's a SCUBAPRO exclusive. Trufit is a revolutionary mask skirt now available on the Synergy Twin mask. And the skirt is really one of the most important elements of a mask. An excellent mask is essential to premium diving adventures. Trufit makes you feel one with your environment, one with your element: water. {TruFit Video}

Scubapro TruFit Video

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