Scubapro Jet Fin | The Original Jet Fin - Black

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The Scubapro Jet Fin is the original Jet Fin, first launched by Scubapro in 1965 these powerful fins have continued to set their own standard. These days the Jet Fins come with Scubapro spring straps rather than rubber straps making them more durable and easier to get on! This is the standard edition Black Fin, we have other limited edition colours available while stocks last!

Scubapro Jet Fin | The Original Jet Fin - Black

Scubapro Jet Fin " The Original Jet Fin"

The Scubapro Jetfin has been around since the mid 1960's and has often been copied but never beaten. This classic fin continues to be a crowd pleaser, a fin of choice amongst a host of professional divers the world over!

SCUBAPRO Jet Fins have a long and celebrated history of performance. They set the standard for power and durability in 1965, and are still immensely popular today.

Jet Fins are shorter than a lot of conventional fins and are therefore ideally suited to "Frog Kicking", they are also preferred by some for wreck and cave diving as the short blade can minimise silting.

The Scubapro Jet Fin is made of one piece of moulded rubber and is therfore negatively buoyant helping some drysuit divers with "floaty feet", and is very popular amongst commercial divers, military divers, tech divers and diving instructors. 

The Jet Fin is available in 5 sizes M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL The Jet fin usually come sin 2 sizes smaller so an XL Jet Fin is equivilent to a medium in most other fin styles.

Whenever they are available we also have limited edition colours and patterned Jet Fins for more information email us [email protected]

Scubapro Jet Fin - Features

  • Rubber construction is known for its durability, promising a lifetime of use.
  • Proven vented design decreases drag on the upstroke and enhances thrust on the downstroke
  • Spring heel straps fitted as standard
  • Available in Black and Limited Edition colours and patterns as available that include Pink | Yellow | White and Camoflage
  • Comes in in sizes 5 sizes M - 3XL for easy donning and doffing.
  • Adjustable traditional heel strap available as spare


MPN: 25.365.500

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