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Childrens Wetsuits | Shorties | Fullsuits

A massive range of children’s wetsuits, full suits, steamers, and shorties with really good stocks of all sizes from toddlers 5XS right through to kids XXL Wetsuits.

Keeping kids warm in the water is really important if you want them to enjoy their watersports or even just be comfortable when splashing around! A good fitting good quality wetsuit will help keep your kids warm and also protects them from the sun, if and when it breaks out during a UK Summer.

We stock quality kids’ wetsuits from Billabong, Rip Curl, Typhoon, Swarm, Gul, Circle One, Australian Board Company, C-Skins and other leading brands, all at competitive prices.

In our retail shop in Teignmouth, Devon, we regularly have discussions about the value of “supermarket type kids wetsuits as they will grow out of them”. The big issue is poor quality neoprene doesn’t keep kids warm, and is also not nearly as comfortable and flexible. This means that children are not as warm in the water as they could be and as comfortable and dont get as good an experience. 

A well-fitting good quality kids wetsuit will encourage children to enjoy the water and spend longer in it. This means the cost per hour or day of usage falls and makes the suit better value! A £45 wetsuit worn virtually every day of a school holiday will be an investment of approx £1 per day a cheaper suit that only encourages kids into the water for half the time will be lower value!

Drop in and see the range of suits available, or order online for speedy, friendly professional advice and service. We Know Wetsuits!

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