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Adult Mask + Fins + Snorkel Sets

Mask, Fins and Snorkel Combo Sets and Bundles are a great way to get a quality snorkelling package together at a great price. The Mask, Fins and Snorkel combo’s that we sell are all made with top quality diving materials from the leading brands of diving and snorkelling equipment.

We offer both a Mask and Snorkel Combo or a complete Mask Fins and Snorkel bundle depending on your needs. The most important part of any snorkelling package is the mask, which has to fit well so it does not leak but at the same time needs to be soft enough that you can wear it for long periods of snorkelling.

All the masks in our snorkelling bundles here are made with quality, soft silicone and are designed to fit a range of face sizes. All the lenses are tempered glass so safe as well.

Fins need to offer power but also be compact enough to travel with if you are using your snorkelling kit on holiday and again all the snorkelling fins we sell in our bundles are made with quality materials so have soft fin pockets and are designed to offer good propulsion without wearing the user out! Again great for long hours snorkelling on the house reef.

The final part of any snorkelling bundle or combo is the snorkel, and again having a soft silicone mouthpiece is really important if you plan to snorkel for an hour or so a day while on holiday. All the snorkels we offer in our snorkelling bundles have soft silicone mouthpieces and most have a self-draining purge valve to make clearing water easier. Some are dry snorkels which prevent water getting in the snorkel and we do also have some bundles with a traditional tube snorkel if that’s what you prefer to use.

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