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Fourth Element Arctic Undersuit Range

Fourth Element Arctic Range Of Undersuits, probably the most popular diving undersuit range in the UK. The Fourth Element Arctic has 2 layers of high insulation low bulk fabric to ensure exceptional levels of warmth.

The Arctic range is close fitting so works well under neoprene druysuits but is also regulalrly used under membrane drysuits as part of a layered insulation system.

Fourth Element Arctics use a combination of fastwicking, high insulation fabrics, creating a micro-climate around the diver, keeping the body dry and warm. A high density inner fleece provides superior insulation, with maximum comfort and wicking, whilst the outer layer, which has a water-repellent finish, ensures a snug fit.

The Arctic requires less loft to perform due to more effective management of air which is held in the fibres of the suit. Instead of maximising the thickness of the layer of air near the skin, the Arctic minimises the movement of air within, reducing the rate of cooling without any risk of trapping the air and preventing its release from the dump valve.

The Arctic retains a significant degree of its thermal performance when wet, such that wearers have found it possible to complete dives in relative comfort after even the most fundamental drysuit failures. In some cases, divers have not noticed a leak in a neck or wrist seal until after the dive, such is the performance of the Fourth Element Arctic.

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