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Divers Watches

Diving Watches, and a collection of Citizen Watches for divers, snorkelers and watersports enthusiasts. All our watches are rated to at least 100m the generally accepted depth rating for serious immersion. Most of the range we carry are rated to 200m or deeper, the accepted depth rating for watches for Scuba Diving.

Traditionally, watches combined with dive tables were the way you calculated your diving time and decompression stops. Then along came Dive Computers who did most of that work for divers. Dive watches are now often used alongside computers and are a staple item for most divers.

A good quality divers watch will be designed to work not simply underwater, but will be certified to different depths. The standard dive watch rating is 200m, 20bar pressure, but some are rated as deep 1000m, 100bar pressure.  By design, these watches are able to withstand the associated pressures at these depths. Dive watches are also super tough and will be able to cope with salt, sand and of course the occasional knock and scrape!

We offer some of the very best Watches for Divers, by well-known brands such as Citizen Watches Suunto, Scubapro, Cressi and Apeks among others, at great prices.

We also do watch repairs and battery changes etc for all watches and include a pressure test after all work that involves opening the watch. You can simply post your watch to us, we complete the work and post it back!

If you have any questions… you know what to do – send us an email of course!

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