Miflex BCD, Drysuit Inflator Hose - Blue

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Miflex Xtreme Inflator Hose In Blue, incredibly flexible, durable and colourful. Miflex hoses are easy to route and with the large size range they can be used for any inflation requirment. They are fitted with a standard BCD/Suit Inflator fitting (Seatec) so should fit most drysuits and BCD's.

Miflex BCD, Drysuit Inflator Hose - Blue

Miflex Xtreme BCD / Drysuit Inflator hoses in Blue. Light weight and extremely flexible Miflex BCD / Drysuit inflator hoses come in a range of colours and lengths allowing divers to personalise their dive kit and significantly reduce the weight of regulators for travelling compared to traditional rubber hoses. With A Standard Seatec Quick Disconnect Inflator fitting that fits most BCD's and Drysuit Inflators

Miflex Xtreme BCD | Drysuit Inflator Hoses - Extremely Lightweight, Flexible & Colourful Inflator Hoses.

Miflex Xtreme BCD, Drysuit, Inflator hoses offer divers a range of features and benefits. The Miflex hoses are extremely flexible and light weight making them great for travelling divers and UK divers alike. With the massive range of lengths available there is a Miflex hose to suit every divers needs from Technical long hoses to short side mount hoses and standard legth hoses! Miflex hoses also come in a range of colours making it easy for every diver to personalise their regulator and identify their hoses! 

  • Traditionally standard BCD hoses are 65cm
  • Standard Drysuit Inflator Hoses are 90cm
  • Available from stock in a wide range of length & colour combinations from 15cm long to 120cm long
  • Colours: Black | Carbon Black | Blue | Pink | Red | Purple | Green | White

Miflex inflator hoses are supplied fitted with a standard Seatec style fitting, with an internal schraider type valve and a 3/8 UNF male thread (to connect to the 1st stage). This is suitable for the majority of BCD’s & drysuit applications, but there are certain BCD's and Drysuits that use a different style of fitting that require a different Quick Disconnect fitting. Miflex hoses can acommodate these various fittings by using adaptors that can be fitted to Miflex regulator hoses converting the regulator hose to an inflator hose, details of some of these are shown on our Hose Accessories page or contact us for more information. 

Miflex Xtreme Regulator Hoses - Technical Information and Specs

Miflex BCD & Drysuit Inflator Hoses - Xtreme Performers In All Diving CSituations

  • Light and extremely flexible
  • A multi-layer construction hose
  • An average longer lifespan than traditional hoses.
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion
  • Kink-resistant design – tie an XTREME hose into a knot and air flow remains continuous.
  • A burst pressure more than twice that of traditional hoses.
  • 30 individual safety tests made during production on every hose
  • Premium packaging which doubles as a water resistant document wallet.
  • Approved and certified to EN250 with standards exceeding these requirements.
  • Miflex hoses are fully recognisable with our name clearly shown on every fitting, as required under EN250 for product traceability.
  • 3/8" UNF male x Quick Disconnect coupler – standard seatec style


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MPN 950.0750
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