McNett Silicone Grease 1/4oz 7ml

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McNett Silicone Grease 1/4oz 7ml

McNett Silicone Grease lubricates and conditions rubber products such as O Rings and other regulator and valve system components.

Mcnett, Essentials For Adventure

For over 30 years, McNett Corporation has manufactured and marketed the finest specialty products for outdoor, diving, watersports, fishing and travel enthusiasts. McNett hard goods line and accessories, including care and maintenance products, are known worldwide by consumers and original equipment manufacturers. McNett Brands and Trademarks are the most recognized and trusted products in their categories. Aquaseal®, Aquasure®, Seam Grip®, Freesole®, MicroNet™ and Aquamira® Brands are available in over 70 countries.

MPN: NC26118

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