The Cure Accelerator makes urethane adhesives including Seam Grip WP, Aquaseal FD and Aquaseal SR cure faster and it preps slick surfaces for better bonding. The solvent cleans and prepares the surface, readying it for urethane adhesives. It speeds the tack time to 15 minutes and the full cure time to less than two hours. Cure Accelerator is also ideal for removing tar, sap, glue, and other resins from various surfaces including glass, plastic and metal.

Product Application

Shake Cure Accelerator for 30 seconds before use to blend the thickening agent and return to its liquid state. For easiest cleanup, wear disposable rubber gloves. Read below for directions on how to use with Seam Grip WP and Aquaseal adhesives.


  1. Spot test in an inconspicuous spot for colorfastness. Apply a small amount to the damaged area with a brush.
  1. Buff thoroughly with a rag until dry, or allow to air dry.
  1. For fabric surfaces, apply adhesive as usual. Smooth surfaces should be roughened with sandpaper, then repeat steps 1 and 2.
  1. If a white film appears after Cure Accelerator dries, remove with soap, water and a sponge.


  1. Mix 1 part Cure Accelerator to 3-4 parts Seam Grip WP, Aquaseal FD or Aquseal SR using a stick, toothpick, or knife. Mix thoroughly on a non-absorbent surface such as plastic.
  1. Immediately apply the mixture to the damaged area.
  1. Keep repaired area level and cure at least 2 hours before using. Test before use.