McNett Aquasure Wetsuit & Drysuit Repair Adhesive, 2 x Small Tubes

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McNett Aquasure Drysuit and Wetsuit repair adhesive in two smaller 1/4 oz tubes. Aquasure is a Flexible urethane formula repair adhesive that water-proofs, seals and protects against abrasion. Aquasure is superb for Drysuit, Wetsuit, Waterproofs and inflatable repairs. Less wastage with these handy small tubes.

McNett Aquasure Wetsuit & Drysuit Repair Adhesive, 2 x Small Tubes

Mcnett Aquasure Toluene Free Urethane Adhesive - For Drysuit & Wetsuit Repairs

Aquasure Product Description Aquasure® permanently bonds, seals and waterproofs hundreds of materials. This unique formula is the industry standard for maximum bond strength, abrasion resistance, flexibility and waterproofing. Physically, Aquasure is a high viscosity gel that cures to an extremely elasticated, clear urethane rubber. Since it is a thermoset urethane, cured Aquasure is impervious to solvents (such as petrol) or extremes of temperature (-40ºC to+200ºC). Aquasure is ideal for bonding neoprene, fabrics, latex, trilaminates, PVC, Hypalon®, natural and synthetic leather, foams, composites and many plastics. This specialized formula is ideal for sealing stitching and reinforcing high stress areas on wet suits, dry suits, Hypalon and PVC boats and hundreds of other items. Aquasure also makes an ideal abrasion patch for high wear areas such as knees, seats and luggage bottoms. Seals and repairs made with Aquasure generally last the life of the item. The Surface should be clean and dry surface, using Cotol 240 or isopropyl alcohol. Non-fabric surfaces such as latex should first be keyed with sandpaper, and then cleaned. 

Using Aquasure

Apply McNett Aquasure using a brush, spreader or adhesive gun. (For use with adhesive guns use Cotol 240 High Viscosity (item No 12715)).

• For seams apply a 2mm thick bead, overlapping seam edges by at least 5mm. Apply with slight pressure to saturate fabric surfaces.

• For holes and tears, create backing with removable tape and fill void, overlapping void edges by 5mm. Remove tape after full cure.

• For patch application on fabrics and breathable laminate, apply Aquasure, then apply patch over damaged area. Wipe away excess adhesive.

• For high wear areas apply thin layer of Aquasure and apply patch.

Using Aquasure with Cotol 240

Mix 1 part Cotol 240 with 3-4 parts Aquasure. • Mix thoroughly on a non-absorbent surface.

• Immediately apply the mixture

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