Mares Wave Diving Fins - All Colours

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Mares Wave Diving Fin, features Mares Tri-Material technology to give divers easy relaxed finning. With a soft rubber insert for superchannel water flow, the rest of the wave Fin is rigid enough that combined the diver gets maximum propulsion. Unmistakably a Mares Diving Fin.

Thes Mares Wave Fins Are An EOL Deal


Mares Wave Diving Fins - All Colours

Mares Wave OH Diving Fins | Red - For Enjoyable Relaxed Diving

Enjoy pure ease..... With Mares Wave Fins Another superb fin for divers from Mares. The Wave Fin uses three material construction to apply specific properties where needed. The upper part of the foot pocket is specially moulded in soft rubber to guarantee maximum comfort. The blade has big soft rubber insert perfect to get the ideal Superchannel water flow. The remainder has the rigidity and strength needed for superior propulsion. Unmistakably Mares. 

We have discovered a box of Mares Wave fins in our storeroom, hence this amazing price, however some packaging might be a little worn, although the fins are definitely new and unused!

Mares Wave Fins - Features

  • ABS plus buckles
  • Anatomical foot pocket
  • Tri-material construction
  • Huge superchannel produces great thrust
  • Available In: Yellow | Blue | Black | Red | Blue/Grey

Mares Wave OH Diving Fins | Red - Technical Features

Channel Thrust Mares Design inspired by marine mammals. Channel thrust technology uses Soft longitudinal inserts to allow a controlled deformation of the fin blade while kicking this maximizes the channelling of water and moves a much greater amount of water compared to other fins of the same size. The result is greater thrusting power with the same amount of effort. Tri Material Construction 3 specific materials for maximum elasticity, high durability and resistance to ageing. The result is superior performance in all diving conditions.

Mares Wave Fins - Some Facts

  • Product Code: 410017
  • Material: Thermoplastic rubber-Technopolymers
  • Blade Length: 39cm (size R)
  • Weight: 0.8kg (size R)
  • Blade Thrust Area: 780cm² (size R)

MPN: 410017BLKXL

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