Mares Sea Friends Kids Snorkelling Set - Mask, Fins + Snorkel Set Green

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Mares Sea Friends Kids Snorkelling Set, Green With Turtle Backpack quality Mares mask, fins and snorkel set packaged in a fun backpack ideal for younger kids, 4-9yrs. The fins are open heel adjustablefins that allow for growth!

Mares Sea Friends Kids Snorkelling Set - Mask, Fins + Snorkel Set Green

Mares Sea Friends Kids Snorkelling Set, Green With Turtle Backpack colourful mask, fins and snorkel set for younger children, 4-9 years approx. The Sea Friends snorkelling set includes a quality Mares soft siliter skirt mask, quick adjust, barefoot, open heel snorkelling fins and a self draining snorkel. To top of the package each set comes in a fun back pack which is made to look like either a Turtle, Octopus or Puffer Fish!

These snorkelling sets contain everything needed by little divers for having great adventures in the water. The mask has a siliter face piece which makes it ideal for prolonged wearing, with a wide view single lens. The mask buckles have a quick release mechanism and are extremely easy to use.

The fins are super comfortable and designed for the maximum comfort of little divers. Kids will love wearing these open heel fins with quick-release straps, designed for use with bare feet and the adjustment allows for growing room!

Completing the Sea Friends set is a comfortable, dry, ergonomic self draining snorkel with siliter mouthpiece and drain valve for easy clearing. 

The bit the kids love most is that these mask, fins and snorkelling sets are then packaged with their own, matching, back pack that is colourful and fun! The back packs are designed to look like a Squid (Purple), Turtle (Green) and a Whale Shark (Blue) a great idea from Mares and really encouraging young kids!

Mares Sea Friends Fin Sizes:

  • M/L - UK 9-12 | EU 27-31
  • LXL - UK 13-4.5 | EU 32-37

Mares Sea Friends Mask, Fins & Snorkel - Features

  • Ergonomic siliter mask with great vision
  • Comfortable and practical fins for small children
  • Snorkel with valve for cleaning and 100% dry top
  • Technology and design
  • Comfortable bag for travel

How to use the Mares Sea Friends set:
Mask Instructions:
- Lay the mask over your childs face, stretching the headband over the back of your childs head.
- Pull on the ends of the headband so that the mask fits snugly over your childs face. If you pulled too much, release the headband using the buckles, then readjust accordingly.
- To remove the mask safely, loosen the headpiece using the buckles and return it to the front of your childs face.
- When entering the water from the boat, keep the mask close to the face and hold it with one hand. The dive should not be headfirst or face down first.
- Blow through your nose if you feel the mask pressed against your face by water pressure.
- If the lenses fog up, treat the inner surface with an anti-fogging solution, then rinse with water.

Fin Instructions:
- Fins make it easier to move through the water, both on the surface and underwater.
- Your child should only wear fins when in the water, or immediately before diving from the boat. Do not wear fins to walk out of the water. If in the water, only walk backwards to avoid tripping.
- For a snug and comfortable fit, wet your feet and fins before wearing.
- Slip the fin on and then place the strap behind the heel, adjusting tension. If you pulled too much, release the strap and readjust.

Snorkel Instructions:
- The snorkel allows you to breathe when swimming near surface, without having to lift your head out of the water.
- Attach the snorkel holder clip to the head of the mask so that the snorkel stays to your left.
- Place the snorkel in your mouth, breathing normally in gentle fashion.
- If you feel water inside the snorkel, squeeze your mouth slightly and blow vigorously to empty it.

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