Mares Avanti Tre Snorkelling Fins

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The Mares Avanti Tre Full Foot Snorkelling Fin, is an excellent fin for snorkelling, Octopush (Underwater Hockey) travelling divers and holiday use. Utilising Mares channel thrust technology for efficient finning and a comfortable fit!

Available in 3 Colours: Blue | Black | Yellow

Mares Avanti Tre Snorkelling Fins

Mares Avanti Tre Full Foot Fins, A Great Octopush & Snorkelling Fin! 

The Mares Avanti Tre Fin is lightweight, efficient and great value. The Tre features a soft anatomical foot pocket making it incredibly comfortable when worn bare foot. With channel thrust technology and mid-sized blade with three channels for optimal movement of water during the kicking cycle. Upper and lower stabilizers help transfer energy from the foot pocket to the blade, making the Avanti Tre easy to fin with for an extended snorkelling time.

Mares Avanti Tre FF Fin - Features

  • Orthopedic foot pocket
  • Rugged, durable construction
  • 3 channels for maximum thrust
  • Mid-size blade with durable construction
  • Stabilizing trim tabs
  • Good thrust in an economical fin
  • Available In The Following Colours: Blue | Yellow | Black

Mares Avanti Tre Full Foot Fin | Black - Technical Facts

Channel Thrust Technology: Soft longitudinal inserts allow a controlled deformation of the fin blade while kicking. This channel shape moves a greater amount of water resulting in more thrust for the same effort.

  • Prodct Code: 410302
  • Material: Thermoplastic rubber-Tecralene®
  • Blade:36cm (size 42/43)
  • Weight: 0.6kg
  • Blade Thrust Area: 680cm² (size 42/43)

MPN: 410302BK44

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