Hydrotac Stick On Magnifying Lenses For Diving Masks

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Hydrotac Stick On Magnifying Lenses For Diving Masks, ideal for divers struggling to read their gauges or dive computers. These lenses fit most masks and are easy to fit as they simply stick on! Before fitting test the position that the lenses need to be fitted to ensure the diver can read through them. Available in 6 sizes and are supplied 2 in a pack of left and right.

Hydrotac Stick On Magnifying Lenses For Diving Masks

Hydrotac Stick On Lenses Are A Great Solution, to a really common issue divers have, especially as they get a bit older....... Diffculty reading their computer or gauges! THis can obviously become a safety issue if you are essentially guessing at how much air you have or your dive time.

Hydrotac lenses offer an economic simple solution. The lenses stick to the inside of your mask or even swimming goggles by simply soaking in warm water for a minute or so and then they bond to the lens, simple! Hydrotac lenses can be trimmed to fit your mask or goggles with sharp scissors and can be removed and reused on different masks or goggles if needed.

Once they are fitted properly they dont come off when immersed in water when rinsing your kit after a dive for example.

The lenses come in various positive diopter increments and are sold as a left and right pair, a simple, cost effective solution to underwater vision issues.

Ideal for all activities including diving, swimming, skiing and cycling etc


MPN: 824.128.150

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MPN 824.128.150
Corrective Lens Strength - Diopters +3
Lens Side / Description Pair (Left & Right Lens)
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