Fourth Element Dry Snorkel

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Fourth Element Dry Snorkel. Ideal for divers and long relaxing days of snorkelling. The Dry Snorkel features a dry top valve to prevent water ingress into the snorkel as well as a well positioned purge valve and made with quality silicone materials. A great snorkel

Fourth Element Dry Snorkel

Fourth Element Dry Snorkel, with a drop away mouthpiece and featuring a dry top to prevent water ingress. The Dry Snorkel is made from top quality silicone and PET which makes it really soft and comfortable to use for long days snorkelling.

If water does get into the snorkel then the well positioned self draining/purge valve makes it super easy to clear the Fourth Element Dry Snorkel.

Ideal for divers and snorkellers looking for long days exploring the resort reefs.

The Fourth Element Dry Snorkel comes in Black, White and White Aqua to partner with the range of Fourth Element masks

Fourth Element Dry Snorkel - Features

  • Dry Top Snorkel
  • Soft silicone mouthpiece
  • Purge valve
  • Detachable snorkel keeper
  • Available in 3 colours, black, white and white/aquamarine


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