Scubapro Divers Padded Pouch Weight Belt - All Sizes

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Scubapro Padded, Pouch Weight Belt For Divers. An alternative to the standard webbing weight belt, the pocket weight belt allows divers to easily vary the weight carried and the distibution of the weight. The pouches are ideal for taking soft lead shot weight pouches rather than blocks making the Scubapro Padded weight belt even more comfortable for divers. 

Scubapro Divers Padded Pouch Weight Belt - All Sizes

SCUBAPRO Padded, Pocket Weight Belts make weight adjustment easy for divers, even when floating on the surface. Simply open the Velcro closed pockets to slide weights in or out.

The Scubapro Padded weight belt has a grip strip on the rear of the belt to ensure the weight belt does not slip down. As the name suggests the weight pockets are padded to prevent bruising if divers are using block weights although the system is better suited to lead shot pouches.

The Scubapro Padded Weight Belt comes in 4 sizes, the larger the belt the more pockets it has, and each pocket is made with a self draining mesh base. The new version has a touch solid stainless steel weight belt buckle. 

Scubapro Padded Weight Belt | Pouch Weight Belt - Features

  • Strong nylon fabric, anti-slip inner belt webbing and soft padding for durability & comfort.
  • Stainless steel or nylon quick-release buckle.
  • Various lengths available with three, four, five or six pocket options to accommodate all divers.
  • Large self-draining pockets fit standard lead weights or SCUBAPRO Eco-Weights.

Scubapro Pouch Weight Belt Sizes

  • Small - 3 Pouches 56-84cm approx
  • Medium - 4 Pouches 75-110cm approx
  • Large - 5 Pouches 94-127cm approx
  • X-Large - 6 Pouches 114-155cm approx


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