Scubapro Gear Marker

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Scubapro Gear Marker

Scubapro Gear Marker is a bright colourful gel that can be used to mark and identify your diving equipment. The gear marker gel stays flexible once it has set which makes it great from marking neoprene products as well as hard products. !!<Available In: Silver | Flourescent | White | Neone Ornage | Neon Yellow>!! {Overview} !!<

Scubapro Gear Marker - Clearly Identify Your Dive Kit At Those Busy Dive Sites

>!!Scubapro Gear Marker is a brightly coloured gel pen that is dispensed by gently squeezing. The gel cures to form a waterproof 3D marking on your diving equipment, as the gel stays flexible it is great for marking neoprene, dive bags as well as reels etc. Gear Marker is a quick and easy way to identify your personal dive equipment at those busy dive boats. !!<

Great For Marking

  • Wetsuits and Dry Suits
  • Neoprene accessories eg Mask slap strap
  • Hard items such as reels and instruments
  • Dive bags
  • General watersports equipment

MPN: 00.022.005

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