Mares X-One Adult Snorkelling Fins - Open Heel Adjustable Fin

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Mares X-One Adult Snorkelling Fins with Open Heel Adjustable Fitting, a lightweight and compact yet powerful snorkelling fin from Mares. The X-One is easily adjusted to fit various foot sizes and does not have a strap buckle therefore making the X-One less fragile, the soft foot pocket material makes the X-One very comfortable with bare feet, a very simple but effective snorkelling fin.

Mares X-One in 3 Colours: Blue | White | Yellow & 3 Sizes.

Mares X-One Adult Snorkelling Fins - Open Heel Adjustable Fin

Mares X-One Adult Snorkelling Fin, An Open Heel Adjustable Fin for snorkelling. The X-One has a really soft foot pocket which makes it incredibly comfortable to wear bear foot or with a thin reef sock or shoe. The X-One features a lot of blade technology in a compact and lightweight fin. Ideal for travelling snorkellers as well as UK snorkelling and great for families as one fin size can fit a variety of users!

Mares X-One OH Snorkelling Fin - Features:

  • Buckle-free strap design: Easy and quick to adjust as well as being sturdy and robust.
  • Riddled foot pocket : The perforations in the soft foot pocket prevent stagnating water flow from slowing you down. Eliminating this "parachute effect" you’ll slide faster through the water. Furthermore the openings eliminate any suction effect, making getting them on and off easier. The soft foot pocket also makes them incredibly comfortable with boots or socks.
  • Travel friendly: Lightweight and short compact bladedesign.
  • Channel thrust technology: Soft longitudinal inserts allow a controlled deformation of the fin blade while kicking. This channel shape moves a greater amount of water resulting in more thrust for the same effort.

Mares X-One Snorkelling Fin - Sizes

  • SM - UK 2.5-5 | EU 35-38
  • ML - UK 5-9 | EU 39-43
  • L/XL - UK 9-12 | EU 44-47

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