Dive Rite Primary Divers Wreck Reel - Large 122m Red Reel

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Dive Rite Primary Divers Wreck Reel, with 122m (400ft) of tough line is a larger Divers line laying reel, the reel is suited for carrying a larger amount of line while still performing well. Although designed for cave diving the Dive Rite Primary Reel is more often used in the UK for Wreck exploration.

Dive Rite Primary Divers Wreck Reel - Large 122m Red Reel

The Dive Rite Primary Large Red Reel, originated from the Florida cave diving explorations of the ealry 1980's, divers needed a functioning reel that could handle a larger amount of line to lead into the main cave systems, and the primary reel was born! With 122m , 400feet, of #24 (2mm) braided nylon line, with a breaking strain of 100kg, 220lbs, the Dive Rite Primary Reel has a lot of line! 

Although originally designed for cave diving the primary reel is mainly used in the UK as a wreck navigating or penetration reel, its large amount of tough line makes it ideal for line laying around a wreck! ALthough for more serious wreck exploration we recommend fitting a heavier line to reduce tangle.

The traditional design of the Classic Primary Reel is easy to use. A top mounted handle allows divers to easily hold the reel and a light in one hand while winding the reel with the other. The clean handle design also allows a diver with thick gloves on to operate the reel easily in colder water.

An ergonomic T-top stainless lockdown screw positively locks the free spinning spool in place when needed, and a retaining screw ensures that the lockdown screw cannot back out all the way and be lost. The handle is ideal for mounting a small torch (Princeton Tec rage or Attitude) to make handling the reel and torch in darker conditions easier! The stainless steel frame of the reel comes with a series of pre-drilled holes so divers can change positions from a top-mount handle, to a side-mount handle or a left-hand operated reel. The spool is held in place with a stainless steel "C" clip so replacing the spool or cleaning up a jammed reel is simple.

A medium sized bolt snap is used to secure the Classic Primary Reel to a D-ring on the diver. 

Dive Rite Primary Divers Reel - Features:

  • DuPont fiber braid line provides strength and minimizes fraying.
  • Cave series reels use #24 braid line giving 220-lbs of breakage strength. 
  • Injection molded polycarbonate spools resist breakage and cracking.
  • Marine grade stainless steel frame and axle are corrosion resistant.
  • Marine grade stainless steel bolt snap is corrosion resistant.
  • T-top lockdown screw for easy grip
  • 1.5 lbs (0.68 kg)

Dive Rite Divers Reel Usage - Top Tips!

  1. Before diving with a new reel (or a dry reel that has been in storage), put the reel in a bucket of water and after soaking, pay out the entire length of line and reel it back in. This will moisten the line, precluding it from swelling on the reel and further preventing the possibility of jamming or damaging the spool.
  2. As with most dive equipment, you should rinse your reel with fresh water following each dive. You should also periodically disassemble the reel, and remove any build up of salt or sediment on its internal parts.
  3. Dive Rite recommends pulling some or all of the line off the spool before each dive, then rewinding it neatly but not too tightly, so as to prevent the possibility of jamming during line deployment.
  4. Finally, too much line on the spool can cause jams during initial deployment, if you are having a problem with jams try removing 10 or 15 feet of line.


MPN: RE4300

More Information
MPN RE4300
Manufacturer Dive Rite
Reel-Material Stainless Steel / Polycarbonate
Colour Red
Reel Type / Usage Large Wreck Reel
What Clips / Fittings Included? 1 Stainless Bolt Snap + Stopper On Line Loop
Line Length 122m Line
Is on Sale No
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