AP Valves - Buddy SMBC with Inflation Cylinder | 6 Colours | 2 Cylinders

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AP Diving - Buddy SMBCi (Surface Marker Buoy - Closed with Inflation Cylinder) is a divers dSMB that features a lightweight aluminium mini-cylinder (0.1 litre), often referred to as a crack bottle. This allows the dSMB to be easily filled by the diver simply by cracking open the cylinder at depth or on the surface.

Available in 6 Colours with both Din and A-Clamp Cylinder Connection

AP Valves - Buddy SMBC with Inflation Cylinder | 6 Colours | 2 Cylinders

AP-Diving SMBCi Self Sealing SMB with Inflation Cylinder

Delayed action surface marker buoys are fast becoming a standard accessory for every diver. Simply attach a line or reel and you have a superb decompression marker buoy and also a buoy that can be used as a standard surface marker.

The APD SMBCi features a lightweight aluminium mini-cylinder (0.1 litre) which is mounted at the foot of the buoy just above the internal baffle. Cylinder Dimensions: 0.1 litre - 115mm x 50mm diam. Easily replenished from the main cylinder, the mini-cylinder is small enough to fold unobtrusively inside the SMB to be stowed in pouch or pocket.

Deployment is simply a question of unfurling the SMB and cracking open the cylinder. Developed from the popular BUDDY SMBC, the SMBCi also features a self-sealing baffle so that when inflated the mouth is sealed preventing accidental deflation at the surface. Unlike normal open-ended 'sausage-style' SMBs both the SMBC and the SMBCi can be waved to attract attention at the surface.

An over-pressure / dump valve prevents bursting and allows deflation after use. One key advantage of the BUDDY SMBCi over similar systems is that it can still be inflated via the baffle in the usual manner – with a Regulator or an air-gun - in the event that the diver has forgotten to fill the mini-cylinder. The new AP Diving SMBCi is available with either DIN or International A-clamp fittings on the Cylinder

Available in 6 colours: Red | Yellow | Red & Yellow | Black | Red & Black | Yellow & Black


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