Sealife Underwater Camera's

Sealife Underwater Camera's

Sealife have been making specialist underwater Cameras and Dive Housings for over 25 years allowing divers to easily and affordably capture images and vides during dives from the amazing underwater world.

Underwater Camera's have developed a lot over the years and Sealife have continued to develop their Underwater Camera's with the times. With Camera's like the Micro 3.0 a completely sealed underwater camera that has inbuilt memory and therefore has no flooding risks, to the DC2000 camera and housing a more traditional underwater camera arrangement.

Sealife have now developed their technology even further to incorporating your smartphone camera into a fully functioning underwater housing, the Sealife Sportdiver Underwater Housing, that actually uses an inbuilt app and bluetooth technology to ensure that you can get the maximum functionality out of your smartphone camera while diving.


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