SeaLife DC2000 Pro Duo Set - DC2000 Camera, Flash, 2300 Auto Light

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SeaLife DC2000 Pro Duo Set - DC2000 Camera, Flash, 2300 Auto Light

SeaLife DC2000 Camera, Sea Dragon Flash Head and Sea Dragon 2300 Auto Light package. The set includes Flex Connect Tray and Grips. This SeaLife package is ideal multi purpose bundle for capturing videos and still images. {Overview} !!<

SeaqLife DC2000 Pro Duo Set - DC2000 Camera, Sea Dragon Flash Head and 2300 Auto Light

AVversatile Camera and Lige Set For Rich Still images and Stunning Videos>!! As SeaLife’s most multifaceted camera and light set, the SeaLife DC2000 Pro Duo comes fully equipped with the new Sea Dragon 2300 Auto light and a Sea Dragon Flash to brilliantly capture colorful underwater stills and HD video. !!<Easily Expand With Flex-Connect Accessories>!! Quickly and easily expand your camera set with Flex-Connect - add grips, Flex Arms, trays and other accessories with just a "click!" Flex-Connect allows you to transform your camera set from compact to full-featured in just seconds, providing a quick way to adjust to any dive environment. !!<SeaLife DC2000 Camera - SeaLife's Most Advanced Camera>!! Enjoy full creative freedom with SeaLife's new DC2000 digital underwater camera. Featuring a large SONY® 1” type back-illuminated 20MP image sensor and RAW formatting capabilities, the DC2000 will let your underwater inspirations guide you to stunning results. !!<Full Featured With Nearly Unlimited Editing Options >!! With an ultra-fast auto focus and shutter response, you'll never miss a shot with the SeaLife DC2000. Take control of your creativity by selecting from the 8 shooting modes: manual, aperture, underwater, shutter, program, intelligent auto, land, and panorama. JPEG and RAW (Adobe .dng) imaging formats are available, providing you with nearly endless photo editing options. !!<Get The Best Of Both Worlds>!! With DSLR-like imaging results, you'll want to make the DC2000's waterproof inner camera your go-to land camera with the ability to capture rich landscapes and stunning close-ups and portraits. The DC2000 features a 31mm (film equivalent) lens with a variety of underwater lens options available. !!<Sea Dragon Duo Set - Versatile Lighting For Rich Underwater Stills and HD Videos>!! The Sea Dragon Duo 2300 Flash underwater lighting set includes the Sea Dragon 2300 Auto Photo/Video/Dive Light, Sea Dragon Flash, Flex-Connect Dual Tray and Grips - providing versatility for shooting colorful photos or videos. The best still images are shot with a Flash, and the Sea Dragon strobe auto-learns your camera’s pre-flash instantly. The Duo 2300 Flash set also includes a Sea Dragon 2300, which offers Auto Flash Detect Mode – a feature that turns the 2300 lumen light off for one second while your flash is being fired and the camera is capturing a still image. Auto Flash Detect helps eliminate undesirable shadows, color shifts or backscatter. An additional feature of the 2300 Auto light is the Auto Bright Mode which automatically dims the light based on the proximity of the light and subject. !!<Get The Best Of Both Worlds>!! The Sea Dragon 2300 Auto light operates with only a single button, quickly adjusts between 3 power levels and an automatic with 10-step automatic brightness control, and has a wide 100-degree beam. The Sea Dragon Flash features manual and auto brightness adjustment, as well as large controls. {Whats in The box} !!<

SeaLife DC200 Pro Duo Set - What Do I get?

  • Underwater Housing for DC2000
  • DC2000 Inner-camera
  • Rechargeable 1130 mAh, 3.7V Battery
  • 60cm USB cable (Micro B plug type)
  • Wall Charger and Int’l plug adapters (US, EU, UK, AU)
  • Inner Camera Protective Case
  • Wrist strap for inner camera and wrist strap with clip for UW housing
  • Lens Cap for UW Housing
  • Flash Link optical cable adapter for UW housing
  • Moisture Muncher 2-capsule sample pack
  • Instruction Manual (English)
  • Sea Dragon 2300 Auto Light Head
  • Sea Dragon Digital Underwater Flash head with Flash Diffuser
  • Flex-Connect Dual Tray with standard 1/4-20 mounting screw
  • Two Flex-Connect Grips
  • Optical Cable, Optical Cable Plug, and Universal Flash Link Adapter
  • Spare O-rings, O-ring lubricant, O-ring removal tool
  • 7.4V Lithium Ion battery for Sea Dragon Light, AC power adapter, charging tray, and international plug adapters
  • Two large Sea Dragon EVA cases (SL942)
  • Instruction manuals
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Sealife DC2000 | Video

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