Cressi Thor Diving Fin - EBS Strap - All Colours

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Cressi Thor EBS Diving Fins, superb open heel diving fins suitable for wetsuit boots and drysuits with a bungee fin strap system and good propulsion and stability. Suitable for all divers.

Cressi Thor Diving Fin - EBS Strap - All Colours

Cressi Thor EBS Open Heel Diving Fin, combines a special arched fin profile with 2 central ribs that promote a significant flow convection over the fin known as the "Spoon Effect", this technology keeps the fin stable whilst providing plenty of propulsion for the diver.

Thor fins also feature two lateral holes in the blade which discharge the negative forces typically associated with this area of the fin and at the same time improve stability. The Thor fin blades are moulded from two different materials for improved reactivity.

What does all this technology mean to you as the diver? Thor fins offer relaxed, easy finning while reducing the risk of cramp and taking a lot of twsting strains off the lower legs without reducing the power of the fins.

Featuring Cressi's EBS (Elastic Bungee Syste) strap Thor fins are really easy to get on and off and are a great fin for all divers whether you are an experienced diver or just starting on your diving career.

Cressi EBS System

Cressi has developed this special strap to meet the needs of the most demanding divers, who need a comfortable fastening for their foot but one that is still practical and manageable. Its special amply sized slot makes it very easy to put on, even when wearing thick gloves or three-fingered gloves for winter water. 

The wrapping section is highly flexible, making adjustments unnecessary, and as a result it’s much easier to get all your equipment right in the first few meters of your descent and the fin stays in place against your foot despite the increase in hydrostatic pressure.

It’s adaptable to all Cressi fins, both with traditional hook  (Frog, Master Frog, Prolight) and rotating bayonet   (Thor, ARA, Reaction, Frog Plus).

MPN: BE155054

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