Cressi Duke Full Face Snorkelling Mask

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Cressi Duke Full Face Snorkelling Mask, a quality snorkelling mask making getting into snorkelling super easy and really safe with Cressi Dukes innovative design features, quality materials and tested technology

Cressi Duke Full Face Snorkelling Mask

Cressi Duke Full Face Snorkelling Mask, an excellent way to easily and quickly get snokelling. The Cressi Duke offers increased vison by 30% over traditional snorkelling masks and with its high quality silicone materials and design fits well keeping the weraers face dry and allowing a long, fun and relaxing time snorkelling!

The Duke Full Face Snorkelling Mask allows you bretahe naturally through the nose and mouth with zero resistance and the snorkel is a dry snorkel so does not leak when immersed. WIth the additionthe new air baffle the Duke eliminates fogging of the mask which, by the way, also has a 30% larger field of view then conventional masks. To improve safety the Duke is fitted with purge valves to allow the user to clear any water that should leak into the mask.

Cressi Duke Full Face Snorkelling Mask - Features

  • 180° field of vision - Cressi Duke boasts a visual f ield that is 30% larger than normal full face masks
  • Stop fogging Safety valves - The new baffle that Cressi has created optimizes air circulation, completely eliminating the fogging effect
  • Special safety valves - Allow you to easily purge water if it should get in to the mask
  • Natural breathing - Ample front area lets you breathe naturally through your nose and mouth with 0% effort
  • Dry Snorkel - The snorkel features a special Dry System that keeps water out of the tube
  • High quality - Cressi Duke is made using extremely high quality materials and technology and includes a carrybag/storage case
  • Size - Available in S/M and M/L. To check the correct size, use a ruler to measure from the chin to the eye line
  • #cressievolution Cressi Duke is the evolution of the first full face mask ever produced, called the Medusa, made in 1946

Fitting and Sizing Cressi Duke Full Face Mask

Cressi Duke Fitting and Size Guide

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