Cressi Air Black Dive Mask - Black Skirt

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Cressi Air Black Dive Mask, made with Cressi EVO Black Silicone the Air mask features an incredible comfortable skirt design due to its IDF construction as well as Cressi raked lenses for a great field of view while diving. The Air Black Mask comes in a variety of colours.

Cressi Air Black Dive Mask - Black Skirt

Cressi Air Black Mask Featuring IDF Technology and Black Silicone Skirt. The Air Mask from Cressi is a really popular twin lens diving mask, this version has a black EVO silicone skirt the fit and comfort of the Air Mask is second to none.

The Cressi Air’s advanced hydrodynamic profile is a byproduct of Cressi’s Dual Integrated Frame Technology System patent, integrating the silicone skirt to the lens frame. This results in a reduced overall thickness and an increased field of vision.

The Big Eyes inclined glass system is prolonged by soft curved lines above the cheekbones, improving lower and lateral visibility that are practically unlimited.

This mask’s EVO skirt is made of a silicon chloride-less silicone blend which, in addition to having absolute transparency to improve visibility, has an increased resistance to both fogging and premature discoloration, giving it a greater durability in accordance with the well-known Italian brand’s equipment-for-life guidelines.

The Air’s frame has swiveling, easily adjustable buckles that increase user customization, providing stability, adaptability and unprecedented fitting to this mask.

This mask has a particular tapered structure deriving directly from the highly popular Nano-mask patent.

The Dual Integrated Frame Technology System allows you to join the silicone skirt to the lens frame without major interruptions of the curvature continuity.

The result is a mask with an extremely hydrodynamic shape and, visibility being equal, a significantly smaller size.

The field of view obtained is particularly wide, laterally and in the lower zone.

The skirt, in the front part, has a structural silicone insert which increases the sealing ability of the mask and creates an exceptionally pleasant chromatic play.

Micrometer adjustable buckles.


Cressi Air Black Dive Mask - Features

  • Black EVO Silicone, It is long-lasting and won’t turn yellow, and thanks to its special chemical composition it drastically reduces the irritating effect of lens fogging. An absolute Cressi exclusive.
  • Evolution Skirt, The unprecedented Double Injection System makes it possible to vary the stiffness of the skirt at each point, making it stiffer where a non-deformable structure is needed, and softening it where more comfort is required.
  • Ring, The ring capitalises on the exclusive Cressi dual injection system for an elastomer on a rigid element. It is thinner, even thin enough to disappear completely from view when you wear the mask. 
  • Quick buckles, Instant-adjust buckles joined to the ring using an indestructible elastic piece.
  • Tempered lenses, All the lenses are tempered glass for maximum clarity.
  • Nose pocket, Allows for easy and effective equalising.
  • Angled lenses, Smaller lenses, moved as near to the eyes as possible, have increased the Matrix’s already incredible view by 25%.
  • Internal volume, The internal volume is reduced, and dimensions are comparable to spearfishing masks.

Cressi Air Crystal Mask Sizing

The best way to fit a mask is to come into your local dive centre and try a few on with some exper guidance, but if you are buying a mask online then this is a useful guide to the size of the Cressi Air Crystal Mask.

Cressi Air Crystal Size Guide

MPN: DS405050

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