AP Diving 3m Self Sealing SMB Hi Viz Red With EasyFil Adapter

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AP Diving 3m Extra Long Self Sealing SMB, with an EasiFil adapter is an invaluable safety accessory if your diving in open ocean in more challenging conditions. The 3m length makes it easier to spot from a boat after a logn drift dive or long deco stop. Another great SMB from AP Diving!

AP Diving 3m Self Sealing SMB Hi Viz Red With EasyFil Adapter

AP Diving 3m Self Sealing SMB With Easifil Adapter

This EXTRA Long Self Sealing SMB from AP Diving is a great piece of safety equipment. Standing at 3m the SMB is more than double the length of a standard SMB and is easily visible to boats, a huge benefit on a long drift dive or after a long deco stop, especially in difficult conditions in the open ocean. The 3m SMB also offers 32KG of buoyancy should your pick up be delayed. 

The EasiFil adapter makes it simple and quick to inflate this SMB and you still have the option of the standard AP Diving throat inflation.

AP Diving 3m Self Sealing SMB Features:

  • Original AP self-sealing baffle - tried & tested design seals airtight on inflation
  • Easy deployment and inflation - velcro release and inflated via Easifil stem
  • Easifil inflator hose stem - allows easy snag-free inflation using your BC or dry-suit inflator hose
  • Can also be filled with a regulator via bottom opening
  • Brass trigger hook attachment - rolls into compact package for stowage
  • Light-stick attachment pouch - at the top with tie-off loops
  • Strobe attachment point - velcro loop at the top with tie-off loops
  • Extendable loop at the bottom - up to 70cm long - allows the SMB to be pulled upright at the surface by inserting fin
  • Top Eyelet - for attaching a message slate, ID marker, reflector or recovery loop

Nominal Dimensions: 3m x 20cm wide
Stowed Dimensions: 28cm x 9cm

Volume: 32 litres
Weight: 0.67 kg

Currently available in Hi-viz Red


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