Aluminium Divers Wreck Reel - Small 45m Line

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Aluminium Divers Wreck Reel, ideal reel for divers to use to lay lines for navigating around a wreck dive for example. This 45m small reel can be used for guiding basic wreck penetration if the diver has been trained to penetrate a wreck safely. 

Aluminium Divers Wreck Reel - Small 45m Line

This Aluminium Divers Wreck Reel, is an economic line laying reelfor all divers. Often used as a way to navigate around the outsides of wrecks whild diving in the UK the reel can also be used as a guideline to penetrate wrecks. Obviously safe wreck penetration requires specialist training, skills and equipment and the knowledge of how to use the equipment safely.

The reel is made from Aluminium and comes in a large and small version. This is the small reel with 45m of line on the drum, the reel has a locking wing nut to allow the spool to be locked in position as well as a tensioning spool screw to increase the friction on the reel and reduce the risk of the line "spilling out". 

As the reels are overhand grip this makes them naturally suited for deploying line horizontally ie for wreck navigation or penetration rather than use for SMB deployment, although they will function in this role if required. We recommend adding a heavier duty line if planning to use this for wreck or cave penetration to reduce the risk of tangling. 

Aluminium Divers Wreck Reel 80m - Features:

  • Ideal for wreck diving or cave diving use
  • Approximately 45m of line
  • Screw spool tensioner
  • Locking type wingnut
  • Alloy frame
  • Stainless piston clip / Bolt Snap for stowage
  • long handle for turning the spool easily even with gloves
  • Available with 80m or 45 m line
  • Available in blue or silver finish

MPN: Ar-14

More Information
MPN Ar-14
Reel-Material Aluminium
Reel Type / Usage Compact Wreck Reel
What Clips / Fittings Included? 1 Stainless Bolt Snap Connected To Reel
Line Length 45m Line
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