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MDE Airgun Charging Cylinder 300 Bar - 3 Litre With MDE Jubilee Gun Charging Valve

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MDE - Midland Diving Equipment Part #: 3L-AGCYL-H-300 


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Airgun Charging Cylinder with MDE Jubilee Airgun Chafging Valve. This 3 litre 300 bar cylinder from Vtkovice, has an MDE flow regulated airgun charging valve with gauge and charging hoses as a complete bundle. The valve means that you can easily control the flow rate when recharging your airgun or paintbal cylinder.

FREE Airfill Included When Collect In Store Delivery Option Selected

(Unfortunately we are unable to ship full cylinders via courier services)

Airgun Charging 3 Litre 300 Bar Cylinder with MDE Jubilee Airgun Chraging Valve

The black 3 Litre 300 Bar Vitkovice cylinder Features MDE's superb and innovative new ‘Jubilee Range’ 300 bar airgun cylinder valve, making for safe and controlled filling of your Airgun. With Midland Diving Airgun Charging Cylinders and our experise, we provide everything you need to charge and power your precharged air weapon.

The complete kit includes a high quality tank, made to British and international standards, plus a valve, integrated dry gauge, bleed and an option of 1/8BSP hose or 1/4BSP outlet to suit almost any airgun – simply add your adaptor and the system is ready to use.

Midland Diving Equipment Jubilee Airgun Valve - Features

MDE have long been a market leader in surface valves for SCUBA diving cylinders, extending the test life for Airgun enthusiasts to 5 years.

The new Jubilee design features an integrated gauge, improved bleed and a rubberised handwheel, and comes complete with a charging hose.

On the inlet MDE have also incorporated a patented device which automatically restricts the flow rate into the airgun, even if the valve is fully opened, allowing for a slower, safer fill.

The ‘Jubilee Range’ gun valve is uniquely certificated for CE together with Pi mark impact test (EN ISO 10297:2006).

3 Litre, 300 Bar Airgun Charging Cylinder - Whats In The Package

  • 1 X 3 Litre, 300 Bar Airgun Charging Cylinder
  • 1 X MDE Jubilee Airgun Charging Valve with Gauge
  • 1 X MDE 1/8 BSP Micro Bore Charging Hose
  • Assembled with FREE Fill if Colelcted In Store

Airgun and Diving Cylinder Testing Explained

According to British Standards, diving cylinders require testing every 2½ years from date of manufacture, and surface-use cylinders (such as Airgun Charging Cylinders) once every 5 years. (There are exceptions)

The simplest method to determine a cylinder’s use is to examine the valve fitted. If the valve has surface-use features like the Jubilee Gun Valve with bleed and dry gauge, a 5 year test is acceptable as that cylinder/valve configuration cannot be used for diving. However, if the cylinder and valve configuration can be used for diving (irrespective of whether you dive or not) the test station will treat this as a diving cylinder and award a 2½ year test.

THis is always a bit of an approximate calculation as the pressure and volume of air used for each fill depdns on the temperature and the rate you fill your Pre-Charged Rifles reservoir and also how accurate your gauges are!

However a quick rule of thumb calculation, based on the following factors would be:
Your reservoir on the rifle being 200CC (1/5th Litre)
You fill your reservoir to 200 Bar
You refill when your reservoir reaches 150 bar.

A 300 bar cylinder has approximately 100 bar of usable pressure - full cylinder pressure - the reservoir refill pressure.

This equals 300 Litres of usable air for a 3 litre cylinder | 400 litres of usable air for a 4 litre cylinder | 700 litres of usable air for a 7 litre (Assuming full to 300 Bar)

Each refill from 150 Bar back to 200 Bar uses 50 Bar of air X the reservoir capacity:

Each refill uses 50 Bar X 0.2 Litres = 10 Litres

A 3 Litre cylinder will give just under 300 / 10 = 30 Fills

A 4 Litre Cylinder will give just under 400 / 10 = 40 Fills

A 7 Litre will give just under 700 / 10 = 70 Fills

These are approximate figures and rely on accuracy of filling, controleld rates of filling and that the optimum usage of all the air without wastage.
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