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Fourth Element J2 Base Layer - Mens Set FREE Drybag

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Fourth Element Part #: J2MSET 


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Fourth Element J2 Base Layer was designed to keep the skin dry by wicking perspiration and other moisture away from the skin. If divers keep dry air next to the skin rather than moisture then the better insulating properties of air keep us warmer. The J2 baselayer ensures better thermal protection especially when combined with other Fourth Element products.
FREE Dry Bag With Full Set Of J2 Base Layer For Men

Fourth Element J2 Base Layer | MensLeggings & Top Full Set

Keeping The Skin Dry - The First Layer Of A Comfortable Diving Undersuit System - The Fourth Element J2 Base Layer

The Fourth Element J2 Base Layer was designed to wick perspiration away from the skin and maintain a dry zone next to the skin. Air is a better insulator than water and consequently, a good high performing baselayer ensures better thermal protection.

The Fourth Element J2 Baselayer system takes this performance further with tried and tested anti-microbial silver ions embedded within the fibres of the fabric. This enables long, repetitive wear without the risk of skin infections developing – something which was critical on the J2 expedition.

The J2 Baselayer Leggings for Men is a simple, close fitting design with flat seams for next to skin comfort and offers the perfect solution under any drysuit underwear.

About Fourth Element:

Fourth Element began in 1999 with a conversation over a post dive beer in Sharm-El-Sheikh, Egypt. WeFrom the outset Fourth Element set out to design high quality clothing with a simple yet diving oriented style. With backgrounds in design and human physiology, the new Fourth Element company spent a year and a half researching designs and fabrics for a range of casual and technical diving clothing.

The Fourth Element Technical Range

is designed around the principles of performance, innovation and function. Using the latest fabric technology in unique combinations and designs, the Fourth Element Technical range revolutionises thermal protection for both Wetsuit and Drysuit diving.

Fourth Element’s thermal protection has been tested in the World’s most extreme diving locations from the sub-zero waters of the Antarctic to the tropical temperatures of the Maldives and is used on expeditions where divers have never ventured before.

The drysuit range includes the Arctic undersuit which is the choice of professional and recreational drysuit divers worldwide and the innovative biomapped HALO 3D.

Fourth Element: The Green Element.

Fourth Element's Reduce - Reuse - Recycle Scheme

To minimise the waste generated, Fourth Element reuse all boxes and packaging received to ship out orders. If it looks like your box has been used before, it most probably has! Wherever possible, Fourth Element reuse, recycle or compost. This has meant that the waste Fourth Element generate is now down to one black bag a week. WFourth Element recycle cardboard, paper, plastic, glass, tins, ink cartridges, cans.

Fourth Element Product Development

All of us are aware of the many and complex environmental issues that face a business. Initiatives Fourth Element are working on currently include: Biodegradable and compostable packaging for all Fourth Element clothing to replace the plastic bags used at present. Minimising the amount of packaging required by incorporating a reusable bag as part of the product. A rolling programme to replace all materials used to manufacture the current Foruth Element range with environmentally friendly materials. The new Fourth Element lifestyle range will be the first to be replaced with some recycled and organic materials.

Fourth Element's Charitable Donations

Fourth Element support various environmental charities through the development of clothing, which firstly provides publicity and secondly generates donations from each sale. Fourth Element have been working with The Shark Trust to raise awareness of the plight of the sharks, and since November 2007, have donated over £9000 to the charity. Fourth Element are currently working with the Plastic Oceans Foundation who provide a powerful and effective platform campaigning for, supporting and funding targeted solutions aimed at significantly reducing plastic pollution in the environment.

Fourth Element; Use of Resources

Water - Fourth Element are not connected to a mains water supply and get water from their own well! Fourth Element also have a septic tank.
Electricity - Fourth Element use a "green" provider who generate some of their power from renewable sources, which do not produce harmful emissions or depend on finite reserves of raw materials. Fourth Element also have a car share scheme for staff and encourage cycling to work.

Which Fourth Element Undersuit Do I Need?

There is no generally valid rule about what Fourth Element suit to wear in different water temperatures. An individual diver's physical condition, body morphology, rate of work and working conditions and any recent exposure to cold, will influence how long he or she can tolerate exposure to different temperatures. Fourth Element give a recommendation of the range of temperatures suitable for Fourth Element undersuits with a trilaminate drysuit, but they are intended as a guide only.

As a general rule, if you are diving with a neoprene drysuit, you should be looking at the Fourth Element Arctic and Xerotherm suits. If you dive with a membrane or trilaminate suit, consider layering the Fourth Element Xerotherm with the Arctic and possibly adding the Ozone outer layer for extreme conditions. The Fourth Element HALO 3D and SubX are designed with trilaminate suits in mind for use with a base layer.

Fourth Elements Guide On Combining Thermal Layers

Fourth Elements drysuit diving thermal protection garments are designed to be used as part of a layering system which may be modified according to diving conditions. As a general rule, begin with a wicking base layer next to the skin - choose from either Fourth Element drybase or xerotherm. Then add a mid layer usually Fourth Element Arctic, or in very cold conditions, a Fourth Element SubX. The Ozone outer layer can be worn over the Xerotherm or the Arctic. You may find certain combinations work better for your style of diving, your drysuit and your personal temperature tolerance.

Safety In Cold Water!

There is no generally valid rule about what suit to wear at different water temperatures. An individual diver's physical condition, body morphology, rate of work and working conditions and any recent exposure to cold, will influence how long he or she can tolerate exposure to different temperatures. There will always exist great individual variability in thermal tolerance. The temperatures shown are approximate ranges for comfort for the different thermal performance of suit materials. The thermal performance of the suit material can be significantly reduced at depth.

Fourth Elements Interactive Choosing Your Undersuit Tool

Caring for your Fourth Element Undersuit

All the Fourth Element drysuit thermal protection garments (Arctics, Xerotherms, Core, DryBase, Halo 3D, Ozone and SubX) in the fourth element range, and the Thermocline garments should be treated in the same way.

Fourth Element Undersuits, Washing Instructions

Cool or cold wash, half the usual amount of regular washing detergent (preferably liquid form, NO fabric conditioner/softener. Then spin and line dry. DO NOT tumble dry the items as the heat may damage the fibres.

You can wash these items many times. We do know one instructor who claims to have washed a xerotherm over 500 times and it is still going strong!

Fourth Element Neoprene, Wetsuits etc. Care

Fourth Element neoprene wetsuits, gloves, boots and hoods should be rinsed in fresh water. If you need something more effective than a rinse, we recommend using a specialist wetsuit shampoo.

DiveShop Online is a Fourth Element Stockist and we a Fourth Element Test Centre, offering a Try Before You Buy! From our Teignmouth and Plymouth Dive centre's take a look at our range of products and call or email if you have any queries!!

Fourth Element Sizes

Fourth Element Mens Size Chart

Fourth Element Womens Size Chart

Fourth Element Socks Chart

Fourth Element Comparison Chart
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