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Dubarry Ultima Sailing Boot Gore-Tex - Std Fit - Black

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Dubarry Part #: 3857-01-40 


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Dubarry Ultima Sailing Boot, in Black, is an all leather sailing boot with a Gore-Tex lining to ensure it is both waterproof and fully breathable as well as adding extra warmth. The Ultima combines total sailing perfomance for the most extreme conditions with a stylish outer leather design, the Ultima boot features Dubarry's non slip and non marking deck sole for increased performance.

Dubarry Ultima Gore-Tex Lined Sailing Boot | Standard Fit

These leather sailing boots from Dubaryy, are waterproof and fully breathable while also being warm due to the GORE-TEX lining. These boots are high performance for all on water conditions and can be worn alongside the Dubarry range of men’s fashion and sailing clothing.

The Goretex® lining not only maintains the 100% waterproofness of the boot, but also wicks perspiration away from the foot helping to keep your feet warm dry and comfortable for long days at sea. The Ultima uses Dubarry's patented non slip non marking rubber deck sole for extra grip on wet decks.

Dubarry's Coast collection offers the ultimate high performance sailing boots that offers protection to its wearer in the most extreme conditions. These boots, combining breathable GORE-TEX® lining with many other features such as Dubarry's award-winning NonSlip-NonMarking™ durable rubber outsole. are trusted and loved by sailors all around the world.

Colour: Black | Donkey Brown
Fit: Standard Fit | Extra Wide Fit
Available Sizes: UK 3-13 | EU 35-48

Dubarry Ultima Gore-Tex Lined Sailing Boot | Standard Fit | Details

  • Unique, all leather, waterproof, fully breathable sailing boot from Dubarry
  • An expandable section of Lycra® has been incorporated into the boot to facilitate both the average and the above average calf measurements
  • Warm GORE-TEX® lining that wicks perspiration away from the foot
  • Brass, rust proof emblem
  • Made from the highest quality water resistant crushed leather - a hybrid between pull up and nubuck
  • Moulded rubber branding inserted to centre leg band
  • Dubarry’s award-winning NonSlip - NonMarking™ outsole design
  • Duo compound PU and Rubber sole which is directly inject moulded onto the upper

    Dubarry Materials and Technology

    Dubarry's Leather

    The leather used by Dubarry for its footwear is specially treated and absorbs less moisture requiring 70% less time to dry compared to other leather types. It also ensures that your Dubarry footwear will always be soft and supple. The leather used for the Dubarry footwear is the full cowhide with all its naturally occurring imperfections, providing the boots with that rugged ‘lived-in’ look.

    Dubarry Fabrics

    The Dubarry clothing collection is fashioned from a wide variety of different fabrics. These range from durable weather resistant outer shells to fine 100% wool tweeds. Dubarry’s philosophy is to always select "best in class" for Dubarry clothing.

    Dubarry Soles

    Specially developed by Dubarry, the soles on Dubarry boots are directly moulded to the upper to create one piece, with no gluing or stitching, giving a perfect seal to keep out water. It has a durable rubber outsole and spongy polyurethane innersole for lightweight optimal comfort. The soles on Dubarry Country Boots are also designed to be ‘stirrup friendly’ for light equestrian use, especially style Clare. They have also been rigorously tested for all outdoor pursuits. Dubarry Country boots also perform superbly in snow. Dubarry Sailing Boots, Aquasport range and Deck Shoes all benefit from the Dubarry award-winning outsole system. The Dubarry NonSlip "NonMarking" outsole, was born out of a brief to Dubarry’s in-house engineering team to produce ‘the best nonslip rubber outsole for grip on deck’. The result of that research and design work is a sole system that significantly reduces the potential for aquaplaning or slipping and is trusted by sailors around the world.

    Dubarry and GORE-TEX®

    GORE–TEX® is the ultimate waterproof membrane for Performance Footwear. It is the most durably waterproof and highly breathable bi-component material available. In addition to its waterproof and breathable characteristics, perspiration is also wicked away from the foot ensuring a dry and comfortable environment, even in the most extreme conditions. For further information visit wlgore.com or see the GORE–TEX® channel on youtube.com.

    Dubarry and PRIMALOFT®

    PrimaLoft® is soft, extremely lightweight and breathable with excellent water repellency to keep you comfortable, warm and dry. It absorbs 3 times less water, is 14% warmer when dry and is 24% warmer when wet than the competitive insulation. Find out more by viewing the PrimaLoft® demonstration videos on youtube.com.

    Dubarry and SHELTER®

    SHELTER® Polar Fleece Technology has a unique structure that keeps skin warm and dry. It’s hydrophobic characteristics allow the material to absorb moisture without becoming heavy, so your garment will always be dry and soft.
    The microscopic air pockets in the materials structure retain body heat and remove moisture outside, while it wicks away moisture from the inside. SHELTER® fabric also has anti-allergic characteristics to prevent irritation to your skin.

Dubarry Ultima Sailing Boot | Care & Protection

Dubarry footwear is made to last, using the finest quality leather that ensures high performance and protection. But all leather needs care, and with a little time and the right treatments, your footwear will stay supple and waterproof, whatever you do in yours.

Dubarry Cleaner - Suitable for all types of leather

Aids in the removal of dirt/other residues and prepares leather for proofing and conditioning. Heavy mud and dirt should be removed initially under the tap with water and a soft brush. You can then use the Cleaner ideally with lukewarm water scrubbing vigorously in a circular motion with a sponge or soft brush. Rinse thoroughly with fresh tap water afterwards but avoid over-soaking the leather. Use tap water only to clean any fabric sections. Allow the boots to dry naturally before any further treatment. Never use artificial heat or leave in proximity to an open fire. For best results, air dry for 48 hours or at a minimum overnight. Always keep care products out of reach of children.

Dubarry Conditioner - Suitable for all smooth leather

This will condition the leather restoring its original appearance and also offer water repellency. Apply using a soft cloth rubbing sparingly into the surface. Apply as many thin coats as necessary for desired finish. Always keep care products out of reach of children.

Dubarry Protector - Suitable for all nubuck and suede leather

Restores a water repellent finish while at the same time offering high stain resistance. We advise that you use this product outdoors rather than inside, due to its strong odour. Spray the Protector over the nubuck or suede allowing 5 minutes between applications. Wipe away any excess from soles and welts. For best results allow to dry overnight. Always keep care products out of reach of children.

Leather Cream - Suitable for all smooth leather

Dubarry strongly recommends for well-worn footwear use of our Leather Cream in the foot area and in particular the flex part of the smooth leather. This will help protect, preserve and soften the leather. Apply sparingly to smooth leather surfaces with a soft cloth or soft brush. N.B: DO NOT apply leather cream to the nubuck or suede sections of the boots. Excess cream should be wiped clean or allowed to soak into leather. Always keep care products out of reach of childrenImportant information Yard manure, waste liquids and salt water can be very corrosive to leather. To prolong performance and protection for your Dubarry footwear, always scrub them with a soft brush and rinse with fresh tap water after exposure.

Dubarry Handy Trial Pack

Our three-in-one trial pack contains a smaller size sample of each of our footwear care products. The cleaner and conditioning cream are in convenient screw top jars while the protector is in a handy spray bottle. Ideal for light use or while travelling.

Dubarry Boot Storage

    When storing your boots you should follow these guidelines.
  • Boots should be cleaned, dried and treated before storing for a prolonged period
  • Boots will keep better shape over time when Dubarry boot trees are inserted
  • Storage environment should be cool, dry and consistent
  • Avoid storage in direct sunlight, or other extreme condition

    CLick Here For The Dubarry Care & Maintenance Guide for Sailing Boots

Dubarry Footwear For Sailors and Boaters!

Dubarry Sailing Boots - Enjoyed and Trusted by Sailors Worldwide

Dubarry’s yachting footwear is enjoyed and trusted by sailors worldwide. Even in benign sailing conditions, sturdy footwear is a must. Ticking all the technical boxes, the original Shamrock boot from Dubarry made a massive splash on the coast - the first ever GORE-TEX® lined, waterproof, fully breathable yachting boot developed anywhere in the world.

The new kid on the dock (and offshore) is the flagship of the Dubarry marine collection; the Crosshaven, which was developed in consultation with the Volvo Ocean Race Irish team, Green Dragon, during the 2008/9 round the world race. Dee Caffari has also put Crosshaven through its paces in the North Atlantic, grateful for the integral gaiter, full GORE-TEX® thermal insulation and Dubarry’s unique D-Chassis foot support system, which was inspired by Formula 1 Racing Technology.

At the forefront of yachting footwear development, Dubarry shoes and boots offer total support, protection and control at sea. Our world famous footwear uses the best materials, both traditional and high tech that, when combined, give the best performance. They work. We love the fact that they perform and that’s what inspires us to improve what we do every year.

Building on our footwear success, we have developed a striking range of crew shorts and jackets, rugby and polo shirts. So from coast to coast, start to finish, port to starboard, Dubarry kit is what you need to keep you comfortable, stylish, warm and dry. So you can focus on winning the race or getting back to the Clubhouse in time for refreshments.

Dubarry Of Ireland | The Hsitory Of A Great Boot Maker

Dubarry: Shoe & Boot Makers Est. 1937

Over 70 years ago a co-operative was formed to provide work in a small town called Ballinasloe, in the heart of Galway on Ireland’s glorious West Coast. Taking its name from a famous French courtesan, Madame du Barry, the company’s formative years were defined through the making of fine quality shoes during which time they were fortunate to be able to draw on a local population of hard-working craftsmen and women.

Dubarry; The Company

Dubarry’s reputation as one of Ireland’s most respected and successful companies was born out of the workforce’s deep-rooted pride and ambition to produce footwear of the very highest quality.

Dubarry Today

Over the years Dubarry has expanded its international sourcing network, working closely with carefully selected contract partners who share our high standards and desire to work with the best of components, raw materials and unique designs.Dubarry is now recognised around the world, and wherever we are, we like to feel that we take a little bit of Ireland with us, because when something’s good, it’s worth sharing.

Dubarry The Name?

Madame du BarryBack in 1937, and looking to diferentiate themselves from other Irish brands, the owners of the newly formed company decided they needed a continental European flavour for their enterprise, and after some research decided upon the name Dubarry, after Madame du Barry.

Jeanne Bécu was born in Lorraine, France, the illegitimate daughter of Anne Bécu, a woman of enticing beauty, whose occupation was as a seamstress. Jeanne was a remarkably attractive woman who used her looks to briefly take several aristocrats as lovers. In 1768 Jeanne married Comte Guillaume du Barry, thus becoming Madame du Barry. In the same year she attracted the attention of Louis XV while she was on an errand at Versailles.

Madame du Barry went on to become one of France’s most well-known courtesans as well as the mistress of Louis XV. Due to her association with the King of France, Madame du Barry enjoyed high status and privilege within the French court for many years.
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