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Dive Shop Online Environmental Comittment

Dive Shop Online Environmental Comittment

Why Buy From Dive Shop Online? Our Comittment to the Environment

The Diving Centre is a strong advocate for the marine and aquatic Environment, and the Environment in general. We take common sense steps to help to minimise our negative impact on the Environment and we make a real effort in our business to make Environmentally friendly decisions wherever practical!

Some of The Diving Centre's Everyday Steps & Measures To Try & Protect The Environment

    We have a policy of Zero To Landfill, non of our waste knowingly goes to landfill, our waste is processed by a Zero To Land Fill company that sort everything and recycle all recycleable materials!
  • Whenever possible we re-use packaging boxes etc. to ship our own goods, to minimise usage of "fresh" packaging.
  • We operate a "Dont Print Unless Neccessary" policy for emails etc.
  • We operate a double sided printer policy, although the printers are more expensive when we do print we print everything with multiple pages double sided to reduce paper usage.
  • We use the HP recycle Scheme to ensure that all old hardware and cartridges are reccycled correctly.
  • All flourescent tubes are long life HF tubes, which minimise electricty usage and last longer reducing the waste.
  • We Are Now Rolling Out Long Life LED Tube Lighting To Replace HF Flourescent Tubes
  • Bags used are biodegradable.
  • We preferentially select suppliers who use Environementally Friendly Packaging where we can, soy bags not plastic bags, recycled product materials.
  • We are a Fourth Element Ocena Positive Dealer - Supporting efforts to recylce wast material from our Oceans
  • The vans we own and operate are Volkswagen with low emission footprints compared to other vans, we have to use vehicles so why not use the greenest we can?
  • We use and sell through our chandlery a completer nage of biodegradable environementally friendly cleaning and degreasing products for use on our vessels.

If you have any suggestions that we might be able to use to reduce our negative impact on the environemnt further please email us and let us know!

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