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Dive Computers

Dive Computers | Accessories | Replacement Straps | Battery Kits

Dive Computers Are An Important Piece Of Diving Equipment For Divers allowing a diver to monitor their dive in terms of time, depth and dive time limits and in some cases even air or gas consumption.

Dive Computers allow divers to plan their diving without the need to use traditional dive tables, and then monitor their actual diving profile. By monitoring the entire dive a Dive computer can significantly extend a divers bottom time as it accounts for variations in depth during an actual dive.

We stock Dive Computers from all the major brands including Scubapro, Suunto, Mares and Aqualung. Dive Computers come in variious styles including wtach style dive computers, Suunto D-Series, colour screen computers, Scubapro G2, hose linked computers, Scubapro Aladin H Matrix.

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